Testimonials about my work

“Mollie Cox Bryan is a social media maven. She has long been my role model for staying cheerfully and informatively present in the myriad of available social media platforms.  When I grow up and become social media savvy, I shall BE Mollie!” Martha Woodroof, author of Small Blessings and NPR reporter.

“Mollie Cox Bryan, in addition to being a first-rate storyteller in her own fiction, brings her plot-building skills to bear in her editing work. Chenille Books asked Mollie to do a developmental edit on a client’s memoir project, and the results were subtle and powerful. I look forward to working with her again.” Anne M Carley, CEO, Chenille Books.

“Mollie is a superb researcher, always willing to dig deep and then dig some more. I threw her some curveballs here and there — from slang used in bakeries to coming up with names for menu items that diners in the throes of a breakup might especially appreciate — and she always came up with a long list of real zingers and then some! Hire this woman!” Best Selling non-fiction author Lisa Rogak.
“Mollie has done some editing work for me—both in fiction and non-fiction. She has a keen eye for detail and grammar. She often gives choices in her edits, as well. I like that. She is mindful about letting the author’s voice shine through.”  Monica Bhide, author of Modern Spice.


“I recently used Mollie Bryan to set up a social networking presence for me in advance of a release of a new book. Mollie did an excellent job. She is fast, efficient, easy to work with, and reasonably priced. I definitely will employ Mollie again in the future.” Elaine Grant, RITA-nominated author of Roses for Chloe (and more).

Taken from LinkedIn:

“As a freelance writer, Mollie is at the top of the list when I need a recipe article. When assigned an article, she is on time, precise, and her recipes are terrific! And I’ve requested last-minute articles, and it’s the same – quick work, on time, excellent article and recipes, and Mollie is great to work with as well. She’s helped me out of a tough spot or two!”–Jean Teller, associate editor, Grit Magazine/Ogden Publications

“I had the pleasure of working with Mollie when I was a cookbook editor at Ten Speed Press. We put together her book, Mrs. Rowe’s Restaurant Cookbook: A Lifetime of Recipes from the Shenandoah Valley. She was one of the most passionate, sincere, hard-working, and team-playing authors I met. All of those values are reflected in her writing, too. She observes and records the world around her in a beautiful, poetic way, and she is committed to telling authentic stories about people’s lives. I can’t wait to see what she does next. ” Lily Binns, Co-Executive Director, Pilolobus


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